Arthur Marshall

Arthur Marshall (November 20, 1881 - August 18, 1968) was an African-American composer and performer of ragtime music.

Marshall was born on a farm in Saline County, Missouri, but a few years later his family moved to Sedalia, Missouri. When Scott Joplin first arrived in Sedalia, he took up residence with the Marshall family, and before long both Marshall and Scott Hayden (a schoolmate of Marshall's) became Joplin's protégés.

Marshall collaborated with Scott Joplin on two ragtime compositions, "Swipesy Cake Walk" and "The Lily Queen," and produced several solo efforts, including "Kinklets," "Ham And--," "The Peach," and "The Pippin." He retired from the music business in 1917, but late in life participated in ragtime revivals. He died in Kansas City, Missouri.


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